Monday, August 10, 2015

The WWII Canons in Bora Bora

This is a quick post to complement the article here and provide more details about the location and path to get to the Canons.

Shows the location of 3 out of the 4 spots where the Canons are.
 Below is the path to the Canons located near Farepiti - There are Banana trees on the left side of the path entrance, it looks like a private road and probably is but you should have no issues hiking to the top!  People are friendly, engage in conversations asking for directions and they will help you.  Walking slow, it should take you about 30 mins to get to the Canons - Keep following the path until you see them!  Be aware of the 4X4 vehicle using the path and make sure to bring water!

 Details of the path entrance
 Below is the location of the Canons of Point Fitiiu (Haamaire or Tuaihora) in the district of Anau.  The trail is private, if closed with a chain then you should probably not go but can always ask to the people living next to the path.  They normally charge 1000 XPF to access the trail but it is well worth it  - They also maintain the trail and keep the area clean!
 Below is the location and trail entrance for the Canon (only one) facing the Pearl Beach resort.

Again, if you intend to hike and see the canons, please refer to the excellent article here 

Click read more to see a few more photos and enjoy!

near the Canons of Point Fitiiu

Canons of Point Fitiiu

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