Thursday, June 18, 2015

A taste of the Lagoon - A private tour with Pierrot (Keishi Tours)

A few weeks back, I received a call from Pierrot of Keishi Tours ( to ask me if I was available to join clients on a private tour to film them.

Having filmed groups many times, I was of course not going to say no to a private tour on the Lagoon to film!

The friendly String Rays
We met in the morning, got everything ready and headed for the Hilton (Bora Nui) to pick up our clients.  We docked at the resort and met Cathy and her husband Matty (their western names).  Both were from China and were so eager to discover and spend the day on the lagoon!  They were such a nice and easy going couple that I knew this was going to be a vacation day for me!

We first stopped at a popular area for a close encounter with the friendly Sting Rays while Black Tips sharks were circling around.  Seeing their excitement made my day!

Our next stop was the Garden of Coral where they enjoyed snorkeling amongst the many species of tropical fish in the area!

The conditions could not have been better that day and being on this tour in private allowed us to be pretty much alone the entire time!

Pierrot then took us to his private Motu and proceeded to light the BBQ and set up the table for our guests!

Lunch is served!  Tahitian style "poisson cru", salad, local lobsters, chicken, shrimp kebabs, steaks & potatoes and fresh fruits to finish and all this with a nicely chilled bottle of Champagne; I think Cathy and Matty did not eat for the 2 days!

During this time I proposed to Cathy & Matty to take a few photos.  I did not have my land cameras but getting the Nex5 out of the underwater housing did the trick.

The lunch was simply amazing and there could not have been a more romantic setting in the world!

Take a peek at trailer of the video here!

If these lobsters could fall of the grill!

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