Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ana's visit to Bora Bora! A relaxing day on the Lagoon!

Being an independent photographer here in Bora normally keeps me busy.  When not in the field, I spend a good deal of time at home working on photos & video!

A few weeks back, I welcomed my good friend Ana from Peru; May was a busy month but I did when possible expose her to the Magical Beauty of Bora Bora.  Ana having a great personality she also rapidly became friend with many people here which allowed her to get a true feel of the life here!

This post is to describe in photos a wonderful day we spent touring the lagoon, thanks to my good friend FanFan to have taken us on the tour this day!

The conditions were perfect, sunny and crystal clear waters!  We boarded his large touring catamaran and our first stop was at the Coral Garden, a very popular and beautiful spot abounding with tropical fish to enjoy some snorkeling.

Next we headed close to the Reef for a close encounter with the Sting Rays and Black tips sharks swarming around!  Both stops were just magical, something that can't be expressed in words or photos!  - You have to live it!

The tour being done, we headed to his Motu (small Island) where we enjoyed a traditional lunch, "poisson cru" and BBQ Mahi Mahi; needless to say that the peacefulness of the place and the food was something that will stay in your one's memory for ever!

A very relaxing lunch with a short nap and then more snorkeling near the Motu!  We walk a few hundred yards and then starting swimming away from the beach to find the downward current that would allow us to drift back where we came from.  The objective was for us to find the Eagles Rays that are commonly in the area! And what a beautiful surprise, when we saw them!  I think this day will stay in Ana's memory for ever!  We could not have asked for better!

Eagles Rays near the reef!

I am pretty sure that Ana will be back to Bora Bora!

Click read more to see a few more photos!

Black Tips Sharks, Bora Bora in the background!

Black tips sharks inside the Lagoon near the reef!

Free diving a few feet above an Eagle Ray, she had not seen me yet!

Atlantis in Bora Bora!

Eagles Rays

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