Thursday, February 9, 2017

Companie in Tupai

While I mostly publish photos of all the wonderful clients I cross paths with, I wanted to share with you a photos of a day at "work".
I am very fortunate to be flying to Tupai a few times a month which is a short 10-15 mins flight from Bora Bora (a must do experience). The Atoll of Tupai is simply breathtaking, romantic due to its obvious heart shape when viewed from the air.
Next to the pilot is my wonderful assistant enjoying the flight, Tupai is visible through the front window.
Asides from a few people working on the Atoll, it is pretty much deserted but this last time we had a few curious spectators. About ½ a dozen Wandering Tattler came in very close, one was observing us while perched on the rotor! They are actually quite large and impressive birds, indeed very curious as one of them came within inches of my lens. I am guessing he was drawn in, curious about the reflection?
I am not a bird watcher, feel free to correct me if I am wrong on the specie of the birds!
#borabora #tupai Thank you Tahiti-Helicopters for the ride!