Saturday, October 17, 2015

A romantic evening for Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in Bora Bora.

While I found a few of my photos of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union on Instagram and re-posted them; they were kind enough to allow me to publish a few of the photos of them I had the pleasure to take.  

While most photoshoots and weddings take place during the day; being hired to follow them during a Romantic Tour starting at sunset and into the night was a fantastic opportunity to render a different style of photos!  

If you are staying at the St. Regis in Bora Bora, you can't help feeling the romance and I can promise you there nothing is more romantic than a private tour and dinner on a secluded Motu while you are in Bora Bora!

They are just a wondeful and nice couple! Should them come back to Bora Bora, I would love to have them visit some of the children here!
Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in Bora Bora.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in Bora Bora.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union in Bora Bora.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Familly fun in Bora Bora for Karine, Thomas and Marius!

Last week was a great week, it is always so much fun to take family photos and here I go to spend an entire day with Karine, Thomas and Marius! during a Lagoon tour!

We met at Matira for a few sunset photos the first day and think I was lucky enough to distract Marius with a shell; enough to take a few static shots!  The the action was on!

The next day, we ended up joining a Lagoon Tour which was great!  Despite the weather not being so cooperative, we took the time to take photos on my Friend's Motu after lunch!

Where is your next family vacation?

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Monday, August 10, 2015

The WWII Canons in Bora Bora

This is a quick post to complement the article here and provide more details about the location and path to get to the Canons.

Shows the location of 3 out of the 4 spots where the Canons are.
 Below is the path to the Canons located near Farepiti - There are Banana trees on the left side of the path entrance, it looks like a private road and probably is but you should have no issues hiking to the top!  People are friendly, engage in conversations asking for directions and they will help you.  Walking slow, it should take you about 30 mins to get to the Canons - Keep following the path until you see them!  Be aware of the 4X4 vehicle using the path and make sure to bring water!

 Details of the path entrance
 Below is the location of the Canons of Point Fitiiu (Haamaire or Tuaihora) in the district of Anau.  The trail is private, if closed with a chain then you should probably not go but can always ask to the people living next to the path.  They normally charge 1000 XPF to access the trail but it is well worth it  - They also maintain the trail and keep the area clean!
 Below is the location and trail entrance for the Canon (only one) facing the Pearl Beach resort.

Again, if you intend to hike and see the canons, please refer to the excellent article here 

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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Amazing! Saw the video for the first time and would have been worth the trip to Tahiti to see it!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Bora Bora by Night!

Not much to write about, just that being in the South Pacific can be magical.  I seldom shoot photos at night, it was a wonderful day at the Intercontinental Thalasso for a wedding photoshoot, a party of eight which is very unusual here but nonetheless so much enjoyable!

Finishing late, Pizza was appealing and finished with a late night drink at one of my favorite place; the Maikai Marina where I took this shot!

 Not having a tripod, I used the handrail to help me be study at a low speed to realize the shot.

Just a beautiful evening in Bora Bora!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fun Photo Safari around Bora Bora

While most of my work is photographing weddings and couples on honeymoon while they are staying at one of the resorts here in Bora Bora.  This photo tour was different and also a lot of fun!  Heather and James had rented a house on the main Island and wanted some photos around Bora.

We met at their place, discussed a few ideas as well as what type of photos they would like to obtain and we then decided to drive around and stop when we thought there would be a good spot to take photos!

We left the condominium area and started our tour clockwise (there is only one road in Bora Bora), found a spot not far and snapped a few photos there.  Our next stop was near the base of the Four Season, we decided to hike and see two of the WWII Canons that are still on the hills of Bora.
16°29'25.50"S 151°42'55.48"W
WWII Canons - 16°29'25.50"S 151°42'55.48"W

The hike was not so difficult comparing to the other spots where the other canons are located; it took us about 20 mins and the view was well worth it!

Our next stop was Matira beach where we waited a bit to have the chance to take sunset photos.  Running in the water, jumping and a few romantic poses ended our tour for the day!

Heather had wanted to take some photos while wearing more formal/casual clothing; As I was supposed to take photos for the Bloody Mary's the next day, I asked them to meet me there towards the end of the afternoon and that I would take a few photos on the pontoon.

Feel free to take a peek at some of the photos, if you are ever interested in such a photo safari; do not hesitate to contact me!

It was really great to have met Heather and James!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ana's visit to Bora Bora! A relaxing day on the Lagoon!

Being an independent photographer here in Bora normally keeps me busy.  When not in the field, I spend a good deal of time at home working on photos & video!

A few weeks back, I welcomed my good friend Ana from Peru; May was a busy month but I did when possible expose her to the Magical Beauty of Bora Bora.  Ana having a great personality she also rapidly became friend with many people here which allowed her to get a true feel of the life here!

This post is to describe in photos a wonderful day we spent touring the lagoon, thanks to my good friend FanFan to have taken us on the tour this day!

The conditions were perfect, sunny and crystal clear waters!  We boarded his large touring catamaran and our first stop was at the Coral Garden, a very popular and beautiful spot abounding with tropical fish to enjoy some snorkeling.

Next we headed close to the Reef for a close encounter with the Sting Rays and Black tips sharks swarming around!  Both stops were just magical, something that can't be expressed in words or photos!  - You have to live it!

The tour being done, we headed to his Motu (small Island) where we enjoyed a traditional lunch, "poisson cru" and BBQ Mahi Mahi; needless to say that the peacefulness of the place and the food was something that will stay in your one's memory for ever!

A very relaxing lunch with a short nap and then more snorkeling near the Motu!  We walk a few hundred yards and then starting swimming away from the beach to find the downward current that would allow us to drift back where we came from.  The objective was for us to find the Eagles Rays that are commonly in the area! And what a beautiful surprise, when we saw them!  I think this day will stay in Ana's memory for ever!  We could not have asked for better!

Eagles Rays near the reef!

I am pretty sure that Ana will be back to Bora Bora!

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Opening night of the Heiva 2015 in Bora Bora - #borabora

Bora Bora - Heiva 2015

Last night was the opening night of the Bora Bora Heiva 2015!  Short post just to share a few photos, despite a few rain showers, the Otea performed by Faanui was spectacular!  Many young dancers are in the troupe and they should be an inspiration for the new generations to come!

May French Polynesia never lose its culture!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Opening day of the Heiva 2015 in Bora Bora!

To me this is the most exciting time of the year in Bora Bora!  The Heiva is the most fantastic event to be seen through out French Polynesia!

Tonight is the opening night in Bora Bora and I will be there!  I will be posting photos on this blog through out the event!

If you are visiting during this period, you should come out of your resort and attend this fantastic authentic show; tonight will start with the presentation of the Himene with Tipoto and the Otea with Faanui.

Last year was especially special to me as my daughter was welcomed to dance with Nunue!

Here are a few photos from last year.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A taste of the Lagoon - A private tour with Pierrot (Keishi Tours)

A few weeks back, I received a call from Pierrot of Keishi Tours ( to ask me if I was available to join clients on a private tour to film them.

Having filmed groups many times, I was of course not going to say no to a private tour on the Lagoon to film!

The friendly String Rays
We met in the morning, got everything ready and headed for the Hilton (Bora Nui) to pick up our clients.  We docked at the resort and met Cathy and her husband Matty (their western names).  Both were from China and were so eager to discover and spend the day on the lagoon!  They were such a nice and easy going couple that I knew this was going to be a vacation day for me!

We first stopped at a popular area for a close encounter with the friendly Sting Rays while Black Tips sharks were circling around.  Seeing their excitement made my day!

Our next stop was the Garden of Coral where they enjoyed snorkeling amongst the many species of tropical fish in the area!

The conditions could not have been better that day and being on this tour in private allowed us to be pretty much alone the entire time!

Pierrot then took us to his private Motu and proceeded to light the BBQ and set up the table for our guests!

Lunch is served!  Tahitian style "poisson cru", salad, local lobsters, chicken, shrimp kebabs, steaks & potatoes and fresh fruits to finish and all this with a nicely chilled bottle of Champagne; I think Cathy and Matty did not eat for the 2 days!

During this time I proposed to Cathy & Matty to take a few photos.  I did not have my land cameras but getting the Nex5 out of the underwater housing did the trick.

The lunch was simply amazing and there could not have been a more romantic setting in the world!

Take a peek at trailer of the video here!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ia Orana from Bora Bora and congratulation to Linda & Jason!

 Back in February I had the privilege to be hired for one of the most wonderful photo-shoot a photographer could be part of!

Linda and Jason came to Bora Bora, we met at "Le Meridien" and I quickly saw the love in their eyes and the joy they carried - More than that, Linda was expecting and while it is rare here to be photographing excepting mothers; it was such a wonderful and fun experience!

They both were very natural, candid in posing and above all, soon to be proud parents!  Jeremy actually got to feel the positive energy of Bora Bora and a feel for the Lagoon before being born!

It is with great Joy that I received an email from them informing me of the birth of their Son Jeremy and so happy
to see a few photos!

Congratulation to both of you and the next time you are in Bora Bora, we will need to make room on the photos for the little guy!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heiva Bora Bora coming up soon!

This year will be the 3rd time I able to see and experience the Heiva in Bora Bora!  This is truly one of kind event, the "Baraques" are being built, at night we can hear the sound of the drums and the troupes are repeating and getting ready!

Last year was even more special as my daughter had the opportunity and privilege to Dance with Nunue!  It was fantastic and I will miss seeing her dancing this year!

If you happen to be visiting Bora Bora during the Heiva Season, you should really try to attempt seeing it live in Vaitape!