Monday, December 30, 2019

Weather and Temperature in Bora Bora

What should we wear during our photo session? 

My wonderful fiance on the left (wearing a T-Shirt) during a winter storm in Bora Bora - We often get asked about about seasons and temperature in Bora Bora.  We pretty much have two seasons, winter / summer and summer being considered the rainy season.  During the winter months, temperature can be in the lower 20's (celsius) - It is considered cold by many and proper winter gear comes into effect.  Second frequent question is "what should we wear"?  Wear comfortable clothing, light and loose, cotton works well and white is a nice neutral color - Chances are that you will be wearing beach wear even during OUR winter months.  

Source for weather temp average:,Bora-Bora,French-Polynesia

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