Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ia Orana from Bora Bora and congratulation to Linda & Jason!

 Back in February I had the privilege to be hired for one of the most wonderful photo-shoot a photographer could be part of!

Linda and Jason came to Bora Bora, we met at "Le Meridien" and I quickly saw the love in their eyes and the joy they carried - More than that, Linda was expecting and while it is rare here to be photographing excepting mothers; it was such a wonderful and fun experience!

They both were very natural, candid in posing and above all, soon to be proud parents!  Jeremy actually got to feel the positive energy of Bora Bora and a feel for the Lagoon before being born!

It is with great Joy that I received an email from them informing me of the birth of their Son Jeremy and so happy
to see a few photos!

Congratulation to both of you and the next time you are in Bora Bora, we will need to make room on the photos for the little guy!

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