Friday, September 23, 2016

Bonnie, 我的很好助手 她能說 國語 廣東話 及英語

Firstly I'd like to thank all of you, my Facebook followers - past and perhaps future clients! Truth is, I never see you as a customer, but rather as a friend. I've always enjoyed meeting people and learning a bit about their history and background. It really is what I love more than anything about being a photographer.
Something happened yesterday that made me realize just how important it is to affirm your feelings and love for your significant other, love for life and love for nature but really many of us often don't express it!
As a photographer, it is always interesting how one image can be re-composed in different ways. This is especially true in the digital age but the question is, how far should your photographer go? The answer is not so simple!
I believe that expressions are foremost what makes photos memorable and that's why I always aim to capture them the best way I can. I then aim to re-compose the photo (also known as RAW development which we will talk about further later), to be representative of the day, time and conditions it was taken in – in simple terms - no Photoshop!
But thinking further and acknowledging that photography is a visual art, I have to wonder what if.. What if I decided to interpret one photo in a way that I see through my experienced eyes would represent the moment and place best? Some clients have actually asked me, can you make it this way, can you do this, can you give us a black and white etc. And yes, of course I can if you ask! I changed my banner today to a new photo. That image is less representative of reality or more artistic rather, than the fresh, true colour and clean style I normally choose to photograph. I did it this way, because this artistic style complimented and represented the moment better.
Bonnie in Bora Bora, 我的很好助手 她能說 國語 廣東話 及英語
Bonnie, 我的很好助手 她能說 國語 廣東話 及英語

I also realized today that my Facebook page, although professional, was missing something. I feel I need to be more personal and start sharing more photos showing my own artistic interpretations.
Therefore, I will start a new photo gallery on Facebook and on my website as well that will be dedicated to photos that have been digitally enhanced. These photos might not reflect the real life colours and mood. but simply how I would see them! I will not use Photoshop to beautify a subject but indeed will post-process the RAW image based on my inspiration that day!
I hope you can enjoy some of these with me, stay tuned!

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